Tuesday, April 15, 2003

As an hotelier you should know how to make good press releases, whith Press Release-O-Matic you should be able to do a good job. With Press Release-O-Matic you can:
Instantly and effortlessly create great looking press releases for printing.
Instantly and effortlessly create press releases in HTML format for placement on your web site.
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This book on Tourism, Recreation and Sustainability will help you to understand how you can sustain economic development in doing tourism. The chapters themselves are of varying length, ranging from just over a dozen pages to just under thirty for the longest. Some of the chapters have an impressive four or five pages of references, reflecting the editors’ statement that the book should be used as a source for works cited in the different chapters. To know more...
If you are a big hotel company dealing in differents continents it can be usefull for you to be able to do web seminars. It is easy, economic and why not fun ! Qarbon is the software you can use to do so.
Internship at mastercard is a good opportunity to do its internship in sport management in this company. Because mastercard is always a sponsor of sports events.
priceless.sportsnextmovelearning/in this site also you can take courses about sports and management. As a restaurant manager it this very important to know how to deal with sportsmen. I find it very interesting that you can take course about fitness and nutrition. Learn more ...
barnesandnobleuniversity.com is a free university on line in wich you can take free course. There are differents courses as technology, litterature, writtings, etc. It is a quite good site because you will learn a lot, and for a company it is very important to be able to manage your employees. Also, you can take the courses with your employees. If you would like to know more please click here.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

A fantastic example is Master Card's Sports Experience Coursework. 6 courses are available in the area of sports marketing and management. The objective of the free course site is to recruit student interns...really well done.
Sport law and finance, Professional sports is big business and the people that run it are the chief executives of athletic enterprise. Given the broad scope, it is not surprising that modern sports agencies and leagues require professional administration from lawyers, accountants and technology specialists.In this area you'll learn about the career paths of some of the most notable sports executives, who discuss their background and honest opinions on how to start a career in sports, as well as the role they play in technology, law and finance.
Sports Administration
Although Sports are about games they are big business, so it should not surprise anyone to hear that they require the same insight, finesse and expertise that a Fortune 1000 company requires.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

drnunley.com is a site dedicated to businesses who want to make succesful business. It shows also how to make creative press releases. In a page you will find creative ways to make effective press releases. It also gives 5 points to help you If you would like to know more about it please click here !

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

please read this article, I find it very interesting le Matin